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Global View:

One: Food production is becoming more expensive.

Two: Fruits and vegetables are traveling an average of 1700 miles to get to your local grocery store.

Three: Mass production methods have reduced taste, texture, and vitamin content.

The Result: We are getting lower quality of fruits and vegetables for our money.

Our Mission:

First: Educate the world to bring food production closer to the population center. This will result in spending less on food delivery costs, transportation, preserving fuel and gasoline, and less air pollution.

Second: Educate the world to consume more organic products for a healthier, longer lifestyle.

Third: Using a greenhouse. You can live on the edge of independence when powering your house with solar and/or wind energy, even in the most secluded places. You can live a stress free life producing energy and having access to natural well water and growing your fresh, organic food. We have always believed in treating our planet with respect.

With a Cornucopia Greenhouse, you will:

Give Back:

One way to show our gratitude is by giving back to our communities and supporting people. You can join us by participating in this humanitarian effort in several ways:

• To be a volunteer by giving some of your time and joining our group of volunteers who are helping us in the process of food production in the green houses by donating a couple hours of their time.

• Help us to harvest and deliver green house production by taking it to a local church or an organization or a local food bank to support families in need.

• Participate in fund-raising activities. We have products for sale, which a big portion of profits will support nutritional needs of city orphanages.

• Schools, Universities, Communities, Clubs, Interested Individuals, Farmers, even businesses that wish to show social responsibility can participate.

Our Philosophy:

Cornucopia's philosophy is the same as the great philosophers of the history. There are 5 elements in survivorship, in other words, basic needs or physical needs for mankind are: Air, Water, Earth (food), Fire (energy, heat) Shelter (sleep,safety). You cut one of those and you're dead! The building blocks of the 5 elements of survivorship are the same in nature. We breathe the air. It must be pure and not polluted. Wind is the natural source of renewing the air. Without air we cannot survive after 2 minutes! Water is also necessary for us to survive. It must be clean and fresh and not poisoned and filled with chemicals or we will end up with liver or kidney cancer and after many years finally we will die.

Food is another basic need that comes from the earth. Mother nature provides us with natural sources of edible crops and meat from the food chain. Without food we can survive a week or two and then the body gradually dies. Finally after nourishing the body, we need shelter. A place to survive from the extreme cold and heat of the outer world, which includes wild animals in a jungle or wild humans in a city! A shelter in nature equals to the source of energy. It provides an enclosed environment to exchange the energy in a desirable degree. Fire was the first source of energy known to humanity! As the civilizations grew, mankind had access to other resources like wood, coal, oil, and gas, and nowadays, electricity, solar, wind, nuclear, ethanol, etc.

After all the four elements are provided in balance, the body needs to rest and restore; sleep is a necessary need for human function. One of the methods of torture in dictatorships for prisoners is to be awake by force for days. In nature sunset and sunrise provides a cycle for restoration of the body and mind. Mother nature continues to function in different levels of activities. For example, plants absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night, and soil naturally releases the heat absorbed throughout the daytime.

High Tunnels:

High Tunnels (hoop houses) are passive solar green houses or cold frames that are used to extend the tradition of growing seasons for many crops. They are unheated and help improve the profitability of your farm! Growing conditions within high tunnels can be significantly different from growing conditions typically encountered in field production. High tunnels increase the average daily temperature by as much as 15 degrees. High tunnels also protect the crop from variable weather and pests and offer the opportunity to control the growing environment relative to the field. A typical household greenhouse provides year round fruits and vegetable production for a family of four in a more affordable price and a better quality of freshness and taste, not mentioning the gift of joy or fun that it brings along to a tradition of healthier and happier family life style. High tunnels provide natural ventilation on both walls and sidewalls. It preserves the moisture and provides the desirable conditions to grow the crops. Studies show that in a typical growth of tomatoes, high tunnels double the production of field tomatoes (7lbs to 13lbs) and matures them 30 days earlier.

High Tunnel Materials:

Each high tunnel is covered with a single layer of patented clear 6mil plastic. They come with ground stake purlins, end braces and bows to put them together. Our greenhouses and high tunnels are built for strength and ready to take on the snow and wind! Fertilizer for soil is not necessary, but in bigger units it will help through harvest. Also in bigger units, drip irrigation systems can be used! A high quality greenhouse survives many snow storms with the plastic on and the unit won't collapse. Stakes are galvanized steel and built in mind of having customer's satisfaction for many years.

Covering Materials:

Greenhouse grade polyethylene's is a plastic film which is the most common material used for covering high tunnels. They are designed to enhance durability and performances, but also increase light transmission. It also decreases the heat loss at night by about 25%.

End Walls:

End Walls offer access and ventilation for the high tunnels. In greenhouses it is an opening wide enough for a person to enter or walk through with tools, supplies, or produce. To increase ventilation in the summer, some high tunnel designs utilize completely removable end wall sections. Large screen sections and sufficient structural frames provide easy access and support.

Drip irrigation system:

Did you know that the most efficient way to irrigate is drip irrigation, which uses up to 70% less water compared to flood irrigation and can more than double your crop yield? It is ideal for tomatoes, peppers, melons, corn, strawberries, cauliflower, and other crops. It not only saves water, but also increases fertilizer efficiency by 30% and grows healthier crops that mature faster. Early maturing results in higher and faster returns on investments.

What are solar powered green houses?

Cornucopia Enterprise offers a unique line of products. Our exclusive greenhouse units include their own solar system. This unit consists of 3 solar panels (25" X 70"), which can be installed on top of the roof of your greenhouse facing in the direction of the sun. The collected solar power will be accumulated into a battery which goes to the A/C adapter where it directs its energy into the two light bulbs and a fan. Battery also serves as a back up and helps during cloudy days by restoring enough solar energy from sunny days.

What is polycarbonate?

Today's technology has revolutionized industry. Instead of traditional glass walls, which have safety issues, modern greenhouse walls are built from a stronger material called polycarbonate. This breakthrough in greenhouse technology comes in light weight sheets and is easy enough to handle, clear and UV resistant. The hollow, twin wall construction gives superior insulating capabilities for better heat retention and lower fuel costs. It provides 80% humidity and is highly flame resistant. After years of long exposures to sunlight, this will not film over. It is tough and practically shatter proof. Light transmission up to 90%, weather resistant, resists hail, wind, and vandalism!